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Screen capture of the index page of The Academy.

The Academy ( is a faction website for the Academy. These are fans of Aristotle, a vampire who was a guest character in the episode, "Forward Into the Past".

"The Academy" was started on 29 August 1999. The website was last updated 3 October 1999. It was associated with a mailing list.

Contact information is given for Cleo and Presence. They clearly started the site with high hopes, stating that "this is a brand new faction and we don't have much here yet. We will have fanfic on this site soon."[1] Apart from the e-mail addresses of the owners, and a quotation about Aristotle taken from These Our Revels, the only other thing on the site is a small screen capture archive, primarily focusing on Aristotle.

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  1. Taken from the site's homepage.

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