The Book Club Auxiliary
Author Amy R.
Date January 2011, 31 March 2011
Where posted Fandom Stocking (Jan), FKFIC-L (Mar)
Rating/Warning G
Genres Last Knight story
Format short story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Fifteen years later, Grace visits Natalie.


Written for Valerie in the 2010/2011 Fandom Stocking game on LiveJournal. On her wish list, she wrote that she likes to read "women being awesome," "friendship," "supporting characters," and "irreverent humor... in the face of catastrophe".

Author's NotesEdit

  • "This piece diverges from canon after Nick drains Natalie in "Last Knight."."


  • "The Famished by Emily Weiss! Am I right, or am I right? The wendigo character is supposedly a metaphor for the financial crisis, but everyone is much more excited that it's her first supernatural novel since she ended the 'Vampire Sagas' after her assistant tried to kill her. I'm sure you remember the case."

See AlsoEdit

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