Floorplans for the basement of the Comfy Cottage.

The Comfy Cottage is the virtual home of the members of the Cousins of the Knight fan faction. It is the headquarters of the faction during a War.

The Cotk faction website includes floorplans for the Comfy Cottage during Wars 10 and 11. These were drawn by Kyer en Ysh. The principal difference is the assignation of bedrooms on the second floor to the participants in each War.


The Comfy Cottage has two floors and a basement. Both stairs and a lift lead between the floors. From the perspective of conducting a War, the guts are in the basement. However, the Cottage is also set up to provide a home-from-home for the faction members on the other two floors.

Main FloorEdit

Inside the main entrance is a reception area and a room for entertaining company. In the private areas, there are a library, a home theatre, a music room, and a craft or hobby room, as well as a small "quiet room" or private chat room. In addition, there is a kitchen (with separate freezer room and larder) and a dining room, off which is a small bar.

Second FloorEdit

There are six bedrooms which are specifically assigned to faction members, plus a guest bedroom. A pair of large suites are set aside for LaCroix and Nick. A laundry room is indicated, but no bathrooms.


Contains the following:

  • council room
  • emergency store room
  • guard duty room
  • main computer room
  • security computer equipment
  • satellite
  • cooling room
  • laundry
  • kitchen
  • generators

Two areas are designated as "clean rooms".


Outside the Comfy Cottage is a garden. A section near the entrance is specified as a cactus garden. There also appears to be a pond on the other side of the house.

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