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Screen capture of the index page of the Cousins of the Knight faction site.

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Banner of the Cousins of the Knight faction.


Original logo of the Cousins of the Knight, on which the banner is based.

The Cousins of the Knight is the website of the Cousins of the Knight faction.

Site HistoryEdit

The CotK faction site was originally located at, until the disappearance of its webhosting service, FortuneCity, in 2012. The site was moved to the Forever Knight Website Archive in 2013, and can now be found at


  • library
    • faction members' fan fiction archive
    • Father's Day cards (for 2000) that Nick might send LaCroix
  • screen capture archive of pictures of Nick and LaCroix
  • sound capture archive
  • CotK pages for Wars 10 and 11, including archived War posts
  • floor plans for The Comfy Cottage, the faction's virtual home.

Library (Fan Fiction Archive)Edit

The fan fiction archive on the Cousins of the Knight website includes the following stories (by author):

Kyer en YshEdit




Diane HarrisEdit

Gwenn MusicanteEdit

L. L. WrightEdit


JL KerrEdit

(off-site link, no longer active)

Lisa Harvey (Cousin Lee)Edit

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