The Dawn Of My Knight
381px-Auction18 fk-macgyver-zine
Front cover (art by Geli).
Author Rimfire
Genres crossover, slash
Format fanzine, novel

The Dawn of My Knight is a slash 150-page novel by Rimfire with art by Geli. It is a crossover with MacGyver.

Story RecapEdit

"...this Forever Knight / MacGyver crossover novel is a story of two men seeking redemption, and contains two halves, one from each man's point of view. Unable to help himself when he begins to undergo a terrifying transformation in body and soul, MacGyver, the man who could fix anything until now, questions his very existence. Then he meets the one person who understands and offers to help—the vampire Nick Knight. As Mac's body changes and he experiences urges that make him want to kill and feed, endangering his friends, will Nick's teachings be enough to help him make it through? Will being under Nick's protection keep him safe from other vampires who want to help themselves to the newly-turned MacGyver? Will a relationship that starts out as purely necessary end up as true love—or a trap?"



  • Cover art by Geli.

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