The Fire Inside
Tn fire 023
Broadcast Date  18 February 1995
Season  2
Broadcast Order  16th
Episode Number  39
Production Number  216
Writer  Marc Scott Zicree
Director  Allan Kroeker
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They're expendable. They are lunch.
— LaCroix, The Fire Inside


A crazed killer using a flame-thrower to torch his victims sends Nick and Schanke on an underground pursuit. In the confined quarters of the underground sewer system, it's anybody's guess who will find who first. While Nick faces his fear of fire, Natalie discovers she has her own fears to deal with.

Guest CastEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The German title for this episode is "Der Drache" ("The Dragon").


Canadian ContentEdit

  • After the cops leave the alley, for just a brief moment, one can see a partial Hudson's Bay logo on a building, in the background.


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