The Forever Knight List of Myths
Author Bill Thompson
Date 15 March 1997
Where posted
Archive Location

An introduction to Forever Knight and the news group. Includes the following:

1: Premise.Edit

The premise and basic description of the Forever Knight television series.

2: Members of the Night Shift.Edit

Character descriptions of the following:

3: The Mortal/Immortal PhrasebookEdit

Definitions of the following terms: Brought Across, The Code, Dinner, First Hunger, Master, Mortal, Move On, Old Ones, Resisters.

4: Your Visit To TorontoEdit

Information about Toronto, and how to book a visit there. Contact info for the Metro Toronto Convention & Visitors Association.

Unnumbered MaterialEdit

After the Toronto section there is an unnamed and unnumbered section that includes the following:

  • Background information on the history and development of the series.
  • Assorted factoids on the Raven and Nick.
  • Fannish discussion of Nick, LaCroix, Nick's relationship with Natalie and LaCroix, people's suspicions of Nick's nature, how Nick managed to join the Toronto Police, vampire sexuality and blood drinking, and why vampires burn.
  • Faction list

5: The FK Vampire Operator's ManualEdit

This section starts with a list of information about the characteristics of vampires in the Forever Knight universe. It continues with a discussion of how people become vampires in that universe, and inconsistencies in the show.

6: Special Effects and FormatEdit

The following special effects are discussed: Flying, Mirrors, Blood, Fangs, Eyes, Smoke, and Hypnosis.

The format of the show is described, including differences in the versions shown in Canada and the U.S.. There is also a discussion of flashbacks, and the Nightcrawler monologues.

7: For A Good Time Call . . .Edit

A list of fan clubs, websites, and mailing lists.

8: Soundtrack, Music and NovelsEdit

Information on the novels, music from the show, and reference guides to Toronto. (Now long since outdated.)

9: About this News GroupEdit

Intention, rules, advice.

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