The Hunter
Tn hunted 185crop
The Hunter (from "Hunted").
Portrayed By Gwynyth Walsh

The role of The Hunter is played by Gwynyth Walsh in the Season Two episode "Hunted".

She was the culprit behind a string of murders in the Toronto area. The victims were given 30 minutes to find a hidden briefcase full of money while she hunted them down; once time ran out, she would kill them. Each successive victim was more and more dangerous as she sought more challenging prey.

When Nick interrupted her latest hunt, she kidnapped Schanke and challenged Nick to come rescue his partner, giving him the same 30-minute time limit that she had given her other victims. She knew Nick was a vampire and armed herself accordingly. For her, the opportunity to hunt a vampire--a natural hunter--was the ultimate challenge and thrill.

She proved immune to Nick's vampiric hypnosis. When she was hunting down Nick, she told him that because she came from a wealthy family, life was too easy, and had dedicated herself to hunting human prey in order to challenge herself and make her mark in the world.

She was accidentally killed by her own bomb after Nick managed to free Schanke.

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