Thomas Monroe
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Portrayed By Robert Bockstail
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Thomas snarls at Nick for interrupting his feeding.

In the early 1920s, Nick was intrigued to receive an invitation from archaeologist Thomas Monroe, who asked him to come an archeological dig he was conducting near Khartoum, in the Sudan. When he arrived, Nick was told that his old friend had just made a marvelous discovery of mutual interest. An ancient Kush papyrus in the tomb he was excavating included passages that suggested the ancient Egyptians had known a cure for vampirism.

Nick and Thomas scrutinized the hieroglyphs, but agreed that neither of them had the knowledge to do an adequate translation. Nick agreed, therefore, to fetch Dr. Helen Ruskin-Slater, a noted expert in the field. She was fascinated by his account of the discovery and eager to start work.

Shortly thereafter, Nick entered the tent to discover Thomas in the act of draining her blood. LaCroix emerged, and revealed that the papyrus was a forgery. There was no promise of a cure. The whole thing had been nothing but a wager between the two older vampires over whether they could invent a sufficiently plausible ploy that they could trick Nick into bringing them such a prize victim as Helen Ruskin-Slater for them to kill.

Episodes of SignifianceEdit

Thomas only appears in a single episode, Faithful Followers.

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