Tn Three Heads before Hades

The top of the index page of the Three Heads Before Hades website.

Three Heads Before Hades (originally at is the website created by the Cousins faction to record their participation in Forever Knight faction wars, specifically War Eleven and War Twelve.


Index PageEdit

Whichever War, the contents of the front page of the website remain substantially the same.

  • At the top is the introduction:
"Across the River Styx, or, as some say, guarding the gates of Hades, is Cerberus, the bronze-voiced hound, who has three heads of dogs, the tail of a dragon and on his back the heads of all sorts of snakes....
Now the Hound of Hades serves the General...."
The Cousins faction has three leaders during a War; and these are metaphorically known collectively as Cerberus. The "General" referred to in the introduction is Lucien LaCroix, who was in life a Roman general.
  • After the site title, the front page includes a quotation from LaCroix:
"I'm listening also. I hear your thoughts. You feel you're alone, but you're not. I feel your pain, your frustration, your hunger for justice. I am the Nightcrawler. I feel everything. Come to me. Now.
I can be your strength when you have none. I can be your wisdom, your truth. And all you need to share with me is your very soul."
  • The rest of the page also includes contact information so that faction members wanting to join in the War can get in touch with the three War leaders.

War ElevenEdit

  • links to information on the war's premise and rules
  • permission slips for the participating faction members
  • biographies of the participating faction members
  • list of faction members' pets permitted to be included
  • list of other participating factions and links to their war sites
  • links to the war archives

War TwelveEdit

  • call to arms
  • information about permission slips

Site HistoryEdit

The site was created for War Eleven presumably sometime in the fall of 2001. (It was first archived 6 October 2001.) The War Eleven pages were eventually replaced by the faction's call to arms for War Twelve. However, this was neither updated during or after the War.

Archive LocationEdit

War Eleven (complete):

War Twelve (substantially complete):

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