Timeline by Date
Author Valerie Meachum & Dorothy Elggren
Date updated 15 May 1998
Archive Location

One of the resources available on the First Unofficial Forever Knight Website. A footnote contains the following historical information:

This timeline was compiled by Valerie Meachum (first season, half of second season) and Dorothy Elggren (half of second season, third season). Special thanks are owed to Susan Garrett who gleaned most of the third season dates from the scripts, and to Amy R., who compiled the background information. Revisions and comments were also contributed by the ever vigilant members of FORKNI-L.[1]

Also available on a linked page is "Flashbacks By Season (Aired Order)". This gives the date of the flashback for each episode, by episode.

The timeline was last updated 15 May 1998.



  1. Footnote to timeline.

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