Herr Toffler
Tn 1966 101crop3
Born Between 1910 and 1920?
Family Lili Toffler (daughter)
Bernhardt Toffler (son)
Portrayed By George Touliatos
Tn 1966 042
Herr Toffler at work in State Archive No. 7.

Herr Toffler is a former resident of East Berlin. In 1966, he worked as a night custodian in State Archive No. 7, where he was assisted by his daughter, Lili. He also has a son, Bernhardt, who is a mechanic.

One evening, when Bernhardt is visiting his father at work, he catches a man secretly searching the shelves of the library for an ancient book called the Abarat. The man carries an American passport in the name of Nicholas Thomas, but is better known to viewers of Forever Knight under the name Nick Knight.

At first, the Tofflers believe that Nick must be either an American spy or a member of the secret police trying to trap them. However, Herr Toffler decides to offer his daughter's assistance in the search, because Nick claims to know a way under the Berlin Wall to the western part of the city, and has a convincingly old map that suggests that he has, indeed, found the location of the lost catacombs under the old Bergen Church.

Later Toffler and Lili sit down to supper with Nick. Nick chokes on the unpalatable food, though he remains polite. Toffler jokes that he has become a bit spoiled from living in America, adding that, in East Germany, they get very little save for Russian Vodka.

Nick does not want to leave until the Abarat has been found; but Toffler and Lili are very anxious to escape to the West. Nick feels that he should go through the tunnels first to make sure the way is clear of falls, which makes Toffler suspicious of him again. However, Nick assures him that he will get the family out of East Berlin even if the Abarat remains lost.

When Toffler finds out that his son has been captured by the secret police, he is sure that it was Nick who betrayed them. When he confronts him, Nick denies the accusation; but the police come to search the library, forcing them all to flee. Even though Nick and Lili are still searching the last of the archive crates, it is clear that he will have to help them escape, and only then return to the Archive.

While the Tofflers go to the Bergen Church, Nick heads off to rescue Bernhardt; and they all then enter the tunnels. However, the police are still pursuing them. Nick has to backtrack to deal with them. After successfully navigating the tunnels, they finally emerge on the streets of West Berlin. There, Toffler is photographed with the rest of his family.

Toffler is still alive in 1992 when Lili telephones Nick at the end of the episode "1966". He apparently still lives in West Berlin.

Series InformationEdit

Herr Toffler was portrayed by George Touliatos. The character appeared in only one episode, 1966.


At least one source gives Herr Toffler's first name as "Garimay". However, this is not mentioned anywhere in the actual episode as filmed.

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