Senator Tom Gardiner
Tn beyond 046crop
Senator Tom Gardiner (from "Beyond the Law").
Portrayed By Stewart Arnott

The role of Senator Tom Gardiner is played by Stewart Arnott in the Season Two episode "Beyond the Law".

Tom Gardiner is a potential presidential candidate at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. His assistant, Angela Mosler, enthusiastically tries to persuade Nick to work actively for Gardiner. He finds the candidate very impressive and persuasive. However, spots Angela coming out of Gardiner's hotel room in a state of deep distress. It is strongly implied that he has raped her. Shortly thereafter, she is found to have hanged herself.

The press discovers Gardiner's connection to his aide's death, and the scandal forces him to withdraw his candidacy. Nick's response suggests that he is the source of the leak.

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