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Tracy's car

Given the significance laid on Tracy's car in Black Buddha Pt. 1, it is seen surprisingly seldom in Season Three. However, she drove it out to the airport when she decided to bluff her way into the makeshift morgue there after Vudu blew up the plane that Captain Cohen and Schanke were on. There, she spotted a movement in the shadows, and went back to confront whoever it was—Javier Vachon, as it happened, a vampire who had also been on board the plane. He was searching the hangar for his missing hand, torn off in the explosion of the plane. Tracy fainted at the sight; and he drove her away in her car. Vachon intended simply to use her to get himself fresh clothes and a bath, while hypnotizing her into forgetting. However, she proved to be a resistor.

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Tracy's licence plate

Through their conversation when she regained consciousness, we were told that her car is a light-blue Ford Taurus with "dual airbags, ABS" and "great mileage." Vachon was scathing; but Tracy insisted that she "picked it out" herself. Its licence number is 123 OSA: the Ontario licence plate also includes the slogan, "Yours to Discover", used in tourist advertising.

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Tracy decides to change the tire on her car.

Tracy's car also played a role in the episode Trophy Girl, when she went undercover with an escort service. Her first client wanted to meet her at the Raven; and she drove down, and parked on a street nearby. However, when the two left the club and went out to his car, Vachon quickly intervened. Tracy was left to make her way back to where she had parked her own car. There she found that it had a flat tir—and she was hardly dressed for the job of changing it. Opportunely, as she thought, a man came up and offered to do it for her. However, he was actually the serial killer whom she had gone undercover to find: he had spotted her at the escort agency, and picked her as his next victim. He drugged her, and left her car on the side street. When Nick realized she was missing and put out an APB for her, the police discovered the car. Captain Reese could only hope she would be all right, for the thought of telling her father appalled him. Fortunately, Tracy was able to rescue herself, with a little assistance from Nick.

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