Lt. Travis Drake/Casey Brooks
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Lt. Travis Drake (from "Can't Run, Can't Hide").
Portrayed By Clark Johnson
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Lt. Drake leads the Massacre at Bin Loc, a village in Quảng Trị Province, Vietnam in 1971

See also the article on Casey Brooks for Travis Drake's subsequent career.

In the flashback to the Season Two episode "Can't Run, Can't Hide", Lt. Travis Drake is an officer in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. The role is played by Clark Johnson.


In 1971, Travis Drake is commanding a platoon of men called the Clean-up crew in the Quảng Trị Province in North Central Vietnam. Lt. Travis's unit are searching villages for hidden Viet Cong, when they stop Nick Knight, then working as a Red Cross medic. They allow him to pass in order to continue vaccinating the children in a local village called Bin Loc. However, on 24 November, the patrol decides to search the village for Viet Cong. The situation escalates when one of the soldiers sees a man running out of one of the houses. Believing him to be Viet Cong, the soldiers begin firing on the villagers, murdering them. Drake attempts to stop the killing by calling for a ceasefire; but it is too late. He then participates in it by shooting a young man that has broken away from him. The massacre results in the deaths of eighteen unarmed civilians.

When the massacre is revealed, Drake and his men are court-martialed. The others all testify against him, placing the blame solely on Drake.

After Vietnam, Travis Drake goes back to the States. Between the years 1973 and 1980, he hears that three of his men have been murdered. In 1981, Drake, Abe Lindley, and two other surviving members of his former crew meet in Los Angeles. Their idea is to pool their resources in an attempt to find out who has been murdering their friends; but it comes to nothing: they produce no leads, only their suspicions that the murders were a covert operation originating from Vietnam. They soon split up and return home; but the killings continue.

Travis Drake decides it would be better to disappear, change his name and start a new life. From 1983 on, he does not attempt to make any further contact with his family and friends. He moves to Canada under a false name, Casey Brooks, taking a job as a social worker.

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