Author Name Withheld 2
Date 1 May 1996
Rating/Warning NC-17
Genres Last Knight story, drama
Format Novelette
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Nicholas, and Natalie, and LaCroix, and the evolution of a relationship.




  • She was hungry, and she had to feed -- and if she didn't take this man, this brutal beast, some innocent might die to feed her vampiric needs, for her control was slipping fast.

  • She stayed in the shadows, as he had bidden her, and watched as LaCroix advanced toward the creature huddled on the couch. Even from here, she could feel his misery, surrounding him like a dark shroud...

    LaCroix's words came back to her with sickening force. Nicholas is pining for you, he had said. He will not survive his grief. And it was abruptly clear to her that LaCroix had not been speaking figuratively, nor exaggerating: that vampires were indeed capable of dying of loneliness. That Nick was in the process of doing so, right before her eyes.

  • "It... wasn't always consensual," he answered slowly. "There was coercion -- sometimes. Not often. But it was never rape. Most of the time it was..." and he fell silent, unable or unwilling to define his thoughts precisely.

    After a few moments, Nat spoke up. "Lovemaking?" she supplied.

    "I don't know if I'd phrase it that strongly. But those were the only times I ever felt any affection, as if he cared about me, and not merely the fact that I was his possession."

  • Dreams of sunlight and children seemed very distant, very remote.

  • "I..." Nick inhaled sharply, as it suddenly struck him: the magnitude of what he had been about to say, and to whom.

    And then he expelled the breath in a long sigh, and said it anyway. "I missed you."

    LaCroix's eyes bored into him, examining his soul for any sign of treachery, suspiciously searching for the joke, the trick, the irony that would render the words null and void...

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