Tucson Classics is a charity tennis and golf tournament. When itt was held in Tucson in 1999 (April 16th to 18th), there were Forever Knight guests.

Forever Knight GuestsEdit

The first appearance of Rick Springfield (who played Nick Knight in the Forever Knight pilot) in 1989 and Geraint Wyn Davies, who played Nick Knight in the series.

Forever Knight Special EventsEdit

  • There was a cocktail party prior to the auction, where Geraint Wyn Davies met a fan who was really named Nick Knight.
  • There was a charity breakfast at the event, during which the actors served the attendees, to be "tipped" in "money" that was purchased at the event. The Forever Knight fans were grouped at a couple of tables and Geraint Wyn Davies spent a lot of time with the fans, chatting, signing items, and retrieving tea and coffee for tips for charity.

Fans attendingEdit

Convention reportsEdit

This section needs more information.

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