Focus LaCroix/Schanke
Type of Faction joke couple faction
Status still mentioned
Dates 1997 - present
Founder name suggested by Julia Kocich
Websites The UnSuited Page
UnSuiteds icon05
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

For a list of members of this faction, please see Category:UnSuiteds.

The UnSuiteds are a tongue-in-cheek faction of Forever Knight fans who see a potential relationship between Lucien LaCroix and Don Schanke. A previous name proposed for the affiliation had been the LaCroissants.

The affiliation is primarily associated with slash fiction, which is generally of a comic nature, since the pairing of LaCroix and Schanke is one of the least probable between Forever Knight characters. An "Unsuited story" is therefore, by definition, LaCroix/Schanke slash.

The affiliation was described by Karen Tobin as "the faction that REALLY, REALLY never dares say its name. (2 REALLYS required.)"[1]

Faction HistoryEdit

The history of the Unsuited faction is described in a post on FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU made by Marcia Tucker on 21 January 1997:

The Unsuiteds began January 18, 1997 when Nigel Bennett and John Kapelos arrived at the Bridging of the Knight (a charity auction in San Ramon, CA) wearing identical black suits and really pedestrian ties. (Nigel, don't ever wear a tie again!) (They had appeared the previous day in casual clothing, and now sat before us, with Jon Cassar, again dressed casually, sitting between them.) Julia, the First Inquirer After the Suits, asked the two actors if they'd meant to dress like they were attending a Senate sub-committee hearing. Without further provocation, said actors (actually, Mr. Kapelos (g) ) delightfully launched a running joke about the two of them which continued through the entire weekend, leading the minds of those not inclined to go where none of us had any mind to go but had no choice.

The name of the faction was suggested by Julia Kocich.

After the Bridging the Knight auction, the faction was perpetuated by an Unsuited Challenge that produced a number of LaCroix/Schanke slash stories.


The original membership of the Unsuited faction included Julia Kocich, Illinois Jules, Marcia Tucker, Karen Tobin, and the "Keeper of the Can".

Faction WebsiteEdit

Faction SymbolEdit

Tongue in cheek, the faction symbol was declared to be a dented Coke can. The story behind this is described on The UnSuited Page:

The Coke Can that Nigel drank from during Saturday's auction (thanks to Gillian for this correction) was up to be auctioned off Sunday morning. Appropriately, to up the value of the can, Nigel was asked to bite it, to add teeth, if not fang, marks. Upon noting by someone that there were now traces of Nigel's DNA in the saliva on the can, it was supposed that the DNA could be used via genetic engineering to create a "love child", which of course upped the value of the can yet again.

As soon as John got involved in the hawking of the Can, things turned DECIDEDLY Unsuited! John Kapelos, the dear man, of course had to bite the can as well, adding traces of *his* DNA, which could potentially be used with Nigel's to create the Child of the Unsuited Pair.

Quoting John Kapelos: "Can't wait to see our child!"

At which point the question came up as to whether the child would inherit John's physical traits or Nigel's, John's talents or Nigel's. Jon Cassar, unable to hold back a second longer, jumped into the fray with "And whose hair would he have?"

Immediately the assembly was treated to a dual flash of male pattern baldness!


  1. From The Unsuited Page.

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