Union Station is the major inter-city railway station in Toronto, located in the central downtown business district.

The station is geographically near the CN Tower. In the Forever Knight episode, "Baby, Baby", Serena kills the escaped murderer, Calvin Trilling, at the top of the tower. To cover this up, Nick Knight suggests that Trilling must have managed to get to Union Station and leave the city by train.

History of Union StationEdit

As with "Union Stations" in other cities, Toronto's acquired its name as a junction for several different railway lines. The original Union Station was built in 1858 by the Grand Trunk Railway, and shared with the Northern Railway and the Great Western Railway, with the Canadian Pacific Railway using the facility from 1884. Although the original wooden structure was completely rebuilt (opening in 1896), only shortly thereafter the decision was made to erect a different building, slightly to the east. The official opening ceremony was held on 6 August 1927. The current Union Station is located at 65 Front Street West, and occupies the south side of the block bounded by Bay Street on the east and York Street on the west.

Built in the Beaux Arts style, Union Station is the largest and most opulent railway station in Canada. It has a colonnaded porch facing Front Street, through which one enters the ticket lobby, informally known as the "Great Hall". This is 250 feet (76 m) long and 88 feet (27 m) high, with a vaulted tiled ceiling. The hall is lit with natural light from clerestory windows, and has four-storey tall arched windows at each end. The marble floor is laid in a herringbone pattern. Stairways lead to the Arrivals Concourse.

There is direct access to public transit—both streetcars, and a subway station (named "Union" after the railway station).

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