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Vampwrtr was an author of Forever Knight fan fiction (unusually, much of it written in script format). This was at one time archived on the author's website, The Cellar (at ), part of the Forever LaCroix website, which was Vampwrtr's tribute site to LaCroix. The site no longer exists, but a few pages are archived on the Wayback Machine.

Vampwrtr's identity was never revealed, though it was generally accepted that the writer was male. He left Forever Knight fandom quite suddenly. The following information was posted to FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU by Nancy Kaminski on 19 June 2008:[1]

Vampwrtr's identity has always been a mystery. There were some on the list who were sure it was Nigel Bennett! This is what I know (from having edited "A Taste of Forever," the charity zine I put together with Kathy Whelton and Cindy Ingram, and in which one of Vampwrtr's stories appeared): he is British, probably a guy, skilled at writing in script format, and possibly connected in some way to the TV industry. I was never able to send him a copy of the zine since he refused to give me an address. These few "facts" were gathered from correspondence with him.

There was some kind of hoo-haw on the list about his writing after the zine came out (I can't remember what happened), and he simply dropped out of sight.

When Vampwrtr left Forever Knight fandom, a number of other fans published a page of pleas for him to stay. The webpage is archived on Molly Schneider's (Stormborn)'s website here. It includes the following praise for his writing:

"I so love your stuff and I don't think I can cope if I don't get a fix from you now and then!!" — Kylie

"[...] every time you wrote anything, I read it greedily. And liked it. I think your interpretation of FK is accurate. It has depth and quirks and tension and struggle - very much the way I understand the series. In your hands the characters have flashes of wit, the stories have the occasional lighter touch. It feels real. The volume of quality work you've turned out is impr essive too. You've essentially written another season, all by yourself. It's good stuff and I wish I could write half as well." — Teresa Stevenson

"V, You know how much I enjoy your work and admire your talent. I've read most of your stories twice, and always get excited to see a story of yours drop on the list." — monica

Fan FictionEdit

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  1. E-mail from Nancy Kaminski to the FORKNI-L mailing list on Thu, 19 Jun 2008 08:45:44 -0500, "Subject: Re: ForKni-L on", archived on Knightwind's Nook (accessed 29 September 2011).

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