The name Vetterans has been employed as a faction name twice by Forever Knight fans, originally in 1995-96 and repurposed in 2012. The two "Vetterans" do not, however, refer to the same object of affiliation.

Original (Proposed) Vetterans FactionEdit

Focus Tracy Vetter
Type of Faction proposed name
Status initially used by some fans, eventually rejected in favour of Perkulators
Dates 1995-96

When new characters were added to Forever Knight at the beginning of Season Three, the name Vetterans was one of several initially proposed for a faction of fans devoted to Tracy Vetter. Indeed, some of its proponents, including Dianne DeSha and Tara Housman, used "Vetterans" well into 1996. However, the name of the faction eventually became accepted as the Perkulators, usually abbreviated to Perks.

New Vetterans FactionEdit

Focus Tracy's family
Type of Faction factioneered
Dates 2012
Vetterans icon04
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

In 2012, when a number of new factions were proposed, it was suggested that the name "Vetterans" be repurposed for a faction focused on the Vetter family as a whole, i.e. Tracy's relationship with her father and/or mother. These new Vetterans are one of several recently created gen factions for fans of family, group, or collegial relationships.

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