Wake and Remember
Author Brightknightie
Date 5 April 2014
Where posted Rarewomen 2014
Rating/Warning PG13
Genres drama, historical fiction
Format novelette
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Fleur's memory of her own youthful romantic rebellion does not lead her to sympathize when her daughter Marie rebels in her own turn.


Written as a gift for brightknightie in Rarewomen 2014. Length: 6270 words.


  • "Fleur closed her eyes for a moment, wondering whether she should have placed Marie in a convent instead of with an allied noblesse d'épée family, after all. That was what Fleur’s eldest brother, Henry, the second Duke of Brabant, had done with Fleur after their father’s death. Fleur had loved the books and hated the confinement."


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