Watchers cover
Cover of the 1987 Headline UK hardback edition.
Format novel
Author Dean Koontz
Publisher Berkley Publishing
Run dates 1987
Genres horror
Country of origin USA

List of crossover fiction.

Watchers is a novel written by the best-selling author Dean Koontz. It was first published in the US by Berkley Publishing Group in 1987.

In Watchers, Travis Cornell, a retired Delta Force soldier, goes hunting early one morning and finds a dog. After they flee from an unknown predator, Travis adopts the dog, naming it Einstein when he perceives its unusually intelligent behavior. Over the next few days, however, Travis learns that Einstein is much more than he originally thought. In fact, Einstein is sentient, and possesses a human-level intellect, possibly capable of reading and spelling.

Travis learns from Einstein that he is the product of a government experiment into improving animal intelligence, the ultimate goal being to create an intelligent dog to be used as a spy. The monstrous creature that had hunted them, dubbed the Outsider, is another product of the experiment, an ape-like monster designed to be a weapon of war. The Outsider is driven by uncontrollable instinctive hatred, but is also self-aware; it hates itself for its horrible nature, and also hates Einstein for being the "favored son" of mankind.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article on Dean Koontz's Watchers.

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