Inhuman Childhood 1: When Life Hands You A Lemon, Rewrite History
Author Name Withheld 2
Date 23 September 1995
Rating/Warning PG
Genres futurefic, drama, humour
Format Short Story
Series Inhuman Childhood
Next Welcome To The Family
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

An alternate vision of the future for Nick, Schanke, and their respective families.




Natalie's grin broadened. LaCroix had come to visit, shortly after the birth of the twins, on a night when Don and Myra and Jenny had happened to be visiting... the scene was etched clearly into her mind. Schanke, feet propped up on the coffee table, swigging from a bottle of blood and watching a hockey game, rooting loudly for the home team; Myra, primping in front of the mirror, touching up the layers of makeup covering the everpresent vampire bite on her neck; Jenny, folding baby clothes fresh out of the dryer, grunge rock blasting out of her headphones as she gyrated to the music and sang under her breath -- both babies squalling at the top of their tiny little lungs; Nat trying to feed Nathan while Nick changed Nicole's diaper -- LaCroix had surveyed the room with absolute astonishment.

"You're living in hell," he'd said incredulously, to Nick, and walked out... and had not bothered to trouble any of them since.

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