Where There's No Smoking
Author Susan M. Garrett.
Date 1994
Rating/Warning PG
Genres humour
Format Short Story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Canadian smoking laws affect the Raven.


Nick, LaCroix, and the clientele of the Raven are seen from Miklos's perspective.

Author's NotesEdit

Originally published in Deborah Duchêne's fan club newsletter.


  • "Nearly two hours passed before the first of the evening's main events. Up until then there had merely been an unfortunate number of glasses broken, two ashtrays smashed, and Alma reduced to tears--he regretted having missed most of the latter, having been busy with mortal customers, but he made a mental note to seek out Alma later and get the whole story. One should know these things. It was not only a matter of survival, but professional pride--a good bartender knew everything."

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