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Screen capture of the main page of Why I Love Forever Knight.

Why I Love Forever Knight ( is a resource website created by Bonnie Rutledge, with screen captures and sound files representing all of the characters of the series. Although not formally a faction site for the Die-Hards, it is often referred to as such on links lists on other sites because of the following statement on the main page:

"I'm in the process of trying to include a little bit of everyone, so consider this a Die-Hard jamboree."

Site ContentsEdit

A picture of Nick near the top of the main page links to Bons' Forever Knight Fan Fiction Wasteland, Bonnie's personal archive for her fan fiction. Below this is a table of contents leading to individual pages of thumbnailed screen captures. (Larger pictures are linked in to each thumbnail). The number of pictures varies, with the main characters having as many as two dozen screen captures; for minor characters, there might be only one or two.

The following characters or groups of characters have their own sections:

There is also a page of .wav files, recording short sound captures of dialogue.

For pictures and sound files of LaCroix and Tracy, links lead to two of Bonnie's other websites, Nunkies Anonymous and The Good, The Bad, And The Perky, respectively.

Site DesignEdit

The same basic design for all pages ties the website together. The common background graphic is a plain pale blue, with the Forever Knight logo writ large in white. Each page is topped with the website logo, a black trapezoid with the name of the site on it. Purple text with dark teal links bracket the hue of the background in related cool tones while avoiding a monochrome appearance.

Site HistoryEdit

Why I Love Forever Knight was originally on GeoCities at It was first recorded by the Internet Archive 23 April 2000 in its current form. In 2009, when the GeoCities free-hosting site was discontinued by Yahoo!, the website was moved to the Forever Knight Website Archive.

See alsoEdit

Bonnie's other websites:

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