Will Struthers
Tn hunters 047crop
Officer Struthers died guarding Det. Schanke from a stalker.
Died 1992 (bomb)
Portrayed By Robert Hollinger
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Struthers is murdered by a bomb intended to kill Schanke.

Will Struthers was a uniformed police officer in the Metropolitan Police, stationed at the 27th Precinct. The character appeared in only one episode, "Hunters", and was played by Robert Hollinger.

In "Hunters", someone is stalking Det. Don Schanke. Struthers is assigned to guard him at a motel just outside Toronto. Having arrived first, he is busy fooling around with something when Schanke enters, accompanied by his partner, Det. Nick Knight. They introduce themselves, and inform him that Schanke will staying at the motel until the police have found the person who is trying to kill him. Struthers tells them that he has ordered Chinese food in anticipation of their arrival. They then eat and chat until Nick decides to leave.

As Nick walks to his car, the others discuss what to watch on television. Struthers decides to use the bathroom. Suddenly, a powerful explosion goes off destroying the motel room. Struthers is killed instantly. Later it is found out that the bomb was triggered when he walked into the bathroom and switched on the light.

Given the way he conducts himself, Will Struthers is probably fresh out of the academy.

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