Work In Progress
Author Name Withheld 2
Date 5 March 1996
Rating/Warning Category:PG-Rated Fan Fiction
Genres futurefic, science fiction, drama
Format Category:novella, postmodern
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

The story is set in an indefinitely future apocalyptic world where vampires are well as hunters. The first trick is to figure out who the players are. The second is to puzzle out where the plot is going...


  • As a mortal, she had loved in a mortal way; now, she surveyed the world through the eyes of a vampire and fell in love all over again: not with a single soul, but with life itself.
  • She met up with her companion at the agreed-upon location, and they walked together in silence to their destination. Years had passed: and all that was left of the Raven was a boarded-up building, unidentifiable to all but the most informed passerby.
  • He had always envisioned himself growing old, but never this way... not alone, hiding himself away from those he'd once loved, separated from his family...


Structurally, this is an experimental, postmodern work of fiction. For most of the story, the characters are anonymous—referred to only by pronouns, requiring the reader to interpret clues to their identities. As "Work In Progress" constantly changes POV, this is distinctly tricky.


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