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X-rays of Nick's skull after he was shot in "Night in Question".

In the Season Three episode "Night in Question", X-rays are taken of the injuries to the skull of Det. Nick Knight after he has been shot at the Parade Warehouse.

The episode opens with the injured detective being rushed into the Emergency Room, where he is declared dead. However, Nick is a vampire. Though comatose, he is actually still alive. His friend, Natalie Lambert secretly feeds him blood; and this is sufficient to speed his healing to a degree noticeable by the medical staff. He is therefore admitted to the hospital as a patient.

Nevertheless, some cover-up is required: in particular, there are the X-rays of his skull, which clearly show a fatal bullet wound; and there is the doctor who has seen the X-rays. Nick's master, LaCroix deals with this by substituting X-rays of an uninjured skull and hypnotizing the doctor into believing that the bullet had merely grazed Nick's head without penetrating the bone.

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